Top 15 Major Biggest Environmental Pollution Issues In The World


The environment around our solar system and the earth is called environment. Which is necessary for the development of all living beings. But environment is also essential for human life or animals. Due to this modernization, the problem of environmental pollution is increasing day by day. This problem exists all over the world. Nowadays, the attention of all the countries is focused on this problem, but no way is being found to deal with it. The environment is getting polluted for human life and living beings.

environmental pollution

For example – water, air, forest, soil etc. everything is getting polluted. Therefore, it is very important for every person to know the importance of environment. Save environment, save country. If this environmental pollution problem is not resolved then future generations will be forced to live a bad life. Then it is not known whether there will be human life or not. If this is not taken care of then this environment will be completely destroyed. Which will be harmful for humans and living beings



Waste, air, and water etc. emitted from industries pollute the environment. Smoke coming out of industries pollutes the air. So that some way can be found to stop environmental pollution. Which is responsible for rain. Industrial waste which is discharged into water. They also pollute the water. Due to which burning causes harm to living beings also.

environmental pollution


Due to the process of modernization, many types of bad smoke are polluting water, air and soil through chemical substances. Is creating problem of environmental pollution for the world. Which also harms humans and animals..

Use of chemicals:

Adding chemical fertilizers and pesticides to the soil causes damage to the soil. And such as the poisonous gases released by burning of coal, oil, natural gas, kerosene, plastic etc. That also causes environmental pollution. Which can later lead to acid rain and global warming. Due to all these reasons the environment gets polluted.

environmental pollution

Due to natural reasons:

Sometimes the environment gets polluted due to natural disasters also. Like, it also gets polluted due to landslides, floods, volcanoes, etc. Which can be held responsible for causing pollution. And soil erosion, water pollution, air pollution, etc. all these are responsible for pollution.

environmental pollution

types of pollution :

Air Pollution:

Life is slowly being destroyed. This is the most dangerous pollution. The main cause of air pollution is smoke emanating from industries and vehicles. When smoke and poisonous gases mix in the air, it gives rise to air pollution. So that there is no environmental pollution Carbon monoxide production in polluted air is one of the biggest problems in the world. Which is increasing day by day instead of decreasing. Due to air pollution, there are various poisonous gases present on the earth like sulfur dioxide. Which can cause harm to all living beings. Air pollution can cause various types of diseases. This problem also affects the world.

environmental pollution

Water Pollution:

Waste generated from industries and homes often gets mixed into rivers and other water sources. When unclean plastic, bad substances etc. get mixed in water, water becomes polluted. All this also pollutes the environment. Due to which there is every possibility of reducing environmental pollution. Like people throw garbage, plastic etc. in places like rivers, ponds, canals and seas. Due to which water gets polluted. Which are harmful for humans and all living beings. This water pollution causes various types of diseases. Many types of diseases can occur like Hoja, Jaundice, etc.

environmental pollution

Land/Soil Pollution:

Soil pollution occurs due to the mixing of waste and non-biodegradable substances in the soil. but environmental pollution Non-biodegradable waste makes the soil barren and increases the amount of poisonous substances in the soil. Which is harmful for both plants and humans.

environmental pollution

Noise Pollution:

Any kind of unused sound causes noise pollution. Due to which humans and animals also face problems. The noise generated during traffic is the main cause of noise pollution. Noise pollution can cause many diseases like deafness and tinnitus etc.

environmental pollution

Impact of environmental pollution on the future:

If the environment continues to get polluted to a great extent, we will always have to keep an oxygen kit with us to breathe. It will be a little difficult to imagine a future under the influence of environmental pollution. And to drink pure water we will have to pay the price of each drop. Apart from this, the life span of humans will start decreasing. And if this adulteration continues to worsen like this, then there will be a huge problem for the whole world. Which will prove fatal for the whole world.

control and prevention:

By following some things we can save the environment from getting polluted. And by adopting this, pollution can be increased beyond limits.

  • Maintain good health facilities.
  • Use bicycle as much as possible.
  • And do not use plastic.
  • Create awareness among people to plant as many trees as possible and do not cut or allow trees to be cut.
  • stop environmental pollution problem in the World.
  • Do not use chemical fertilizers like manure etc.
  • Use only domestic resources.
  • Avoid impure and poisonous chemicals from mixing in water.
  • Reduce farming with chemical fertilizers. Promote organic farming more.
    By following all these, we can easily contribute in reducing contaminant.
  • Plants as many trees as you can and save the world.
  • Save water and save tree issues in the world

Light pollution: emerging new problem:

environmental pollution

What is light pollution:- Scientists have recently confirmed this in their research. Increasing urbanization, installation of new streetlights, security floodlights and decorative lighting increase light pollution. Due to which there may be a possibility of environmental pollution. Which can cause harm to the environment. According to the study, this light pollution is becoming the main reason for change in the lifestyle of nocturnal animals.

its effects.

  • If artificial light is used in excessive amounts, light pollution occurs.
  • Even at night, the glare of light is considered contrary to the laws of nature.
  • The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution has stated in one of its reports that living beings are being affected by the fluctuations of natural light.
  • It is said in this report that the level of light can affect the activities of organisms like feeding activity, emergence, seasonal reproduction etc.
  • Therefore, the presence of artificial light at night can also affect the life and behavior of many wild animals.
  • We can see an example of wildlife getting disturbed due to artificial light in the incident that happened in Philadelphia in October 2020.
  • In this incident, thousands of migratory birds died after colliding with the building. Which also affects environmental pollution.
  • Artificial light also disrupts the circadian rhythm of humans.
  • This light pollution can cause risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity etc. in humans.


  • Light pollution is the harmful presence of artificial light that needs to be controlled. We can save ourselves from environmental pollution by keeping these small things in mind.
  • Unnecessary lights should be switched off at night. So that animals are less exposed to light polluted
  • Recent studies have shown that reducing light pollution in cities will not only help in reducing carbon emissions but will also help in combating the loss of biodiversity.


Artificial light at night has also directly affected the vision of animals. And currently the scope of this artificial light is changing. Which gives rise to environmental pollution. The work of guidance for these nocturnal animals is done by the shining stars in the Milky Way, which become obscure due to light pollution. To find out these reasons, we conducted research on antelopes from two different areas of South Africa.

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